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Our services

Drawing from the strength of a team that operates to the highest level of integrity, service and delivery, New Africa Advisors provide smart and sharp advisory as well as support services to corporations and funders engaged in strategic financial transactions in the Sub-Saharan African region. Masters of our trade, we clear the roadblocks, pave the way to complex equity transactions and drive these to execution.

Mergers & Acquisitions

It requires an extensive knowledge base, expert knowhow and an acute sense of the perfect timing to facilitate corporate transactions  that will bring in real value-creation for our corporate and sponsor clients. With New Africa Advisors, these talents are at their disposal to steer through the complex process of a merger or acquisition, manage divestitures, identify alliance opportunities and undertake corporate restructurings every step of the way to completion.

Principal Investments

We operate a traditional merchant banking model through private capital syndicates represented by sovereign and institutional investors and family offices which have combined resources to invest in significant transactions in Africa.

New Africa Advisors play a vital role in the origination and execution of transactions. We uncover value by identifying companies and projects with significant value creation potential backed up by management teams with proven operational expertise and strong financial management capability. As principal investors in each of the investment initiatives that we sponsor, the syndicates provide patient co-investment capital to businesses in the emerging sectors of the African economies.

Our investment philosophy is guided by a desire to build a relationship based on trust with the owners of the businesses we seek to accompany and a common alignment of interests in terms of a strategy for growth and long-term financial success. We do this through structures that combines good governance, intellect, sound financial investment expertise and more importantly, deep-seated industry knowledge.

Capital Markets Advisory

The region’s emerging financial markets offer significant fund-raising opportunities to companies and family businesses seeking capital for their growth. We originate and execute equity transactions, including IPOs, rights issues and convertibles. Likewise, we help our clients intervene on debt capital markets and arrange financing for leveraged buyouts and corporate acquisitions using a variety of debt instruments.

Private Capital Advisory

New Africa Advisors work in partnership with entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses in their search for liquidity towards their corporate growth and expansion. We provide them access to our strong network of private equity funds, Development Finance Institutions and global family offices aligned with their vision and growth strategy.  Having no allegiance to any capital provider, we extend unbiased advice to our clients in assessing their financing options. We  take up all aspects of the fundraising process, including competitive positioning and market assessment, from the preparation of the information memorandum to investor introductions and transaction closing.